We support Spanish industrial companies in their export journeys

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What we do

We help Spanish industrial SMEs with their export plans

Our mission is to support Spanish industrial companies in their search for long-term international customers.

We devise and implement a sales process based on industrial and organisational strengths. This helps generate quality business opportunities and long-term sustainable results.
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Why us

We believe in collaborative and strategic selling

We understand complex selling as well as professional buyers’ journeys. We use this knowledge to identify and select international customers for top Spanish industrial SMEs.

We believe that there is an extraordinary industrial know-how and great international potential in Spanish SMEs, and we believe in their personal and team efforts to build win-win relationships with their partners.
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How we work

We put in place a simple and easy-to-execute sales process

We develop a simple system to help exporting companies focus on their real strengths, while providing clarity for their sales process throughout these simple steps:
Analysis of the supplier’s export potential in order to build a strong value proposition
Strategic profiling of their ideal international customers, and focus on value creation
Decisive action to identify and attract valuable and sustainable customers
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Are we the solution you are looking for?

We help you find a trusted industrial supplier

We strive to help managing directors and their teams develop quality relationships with every company they work with.

We do not believe in taking shortcuts. We do not make customers appear by magic, or make inefficiencies disappear by waving a magic wand. We deliver outstanding value through industrial expertise and personal commitment.
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Leading values for our work

We seek to understand before pitching a solution

Every company is unique in the way it works. We walk the extra mile to try and understand these constraints in order to best serve each one.

We strive to build win-win relationships

We believe in a collaborative sales process in order to build long-term sustainable relationships.

We are committed with resources and results

We work with the utmost respect for the resources we are entrusted with.

We believe trust is the foundation for commercial relationships

We strive to build relationships based on trust and performance. If we cannot help, we will tell you so immediately.
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