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The Team

We help you find the right industrial partner for your company

We assess each company’s export potential, put together an appropriate export plan, and help them generate real opportunities through a process of value creation.

Meet the team.

Alberto Lobo

Trained as an economist, Alberto has had to unlearn economic rationality to better understand the world around sales.

He has lived and studied in the UK, France, Italy and Spain, and has travelled to over 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa looking for new business and managing sales teams. He speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.

A compulsive reader of business literature, he strives to translate the intricacies of industrial complex selling into a simple and actionable language.

Chloé Sharpe-Hervieu

Born in the UK, Chloé has studied in England and Spain. She is a native English and French speaker, and also speaks Spanish fluently.

Having worked in the language sector for more than 20 years, she has extensive experience creating and publishing content, interpreting, and translating sales and marketing materials.

She has lived and worked in the UK, France, México, India and Spain, and she is culturally attuned to local diversities and business practices in many countries.

Daniel Cabezaolías

Born and educated in France, Daniel completed his further education in Spain. He has also lived in Ireland and China, and speaks French, English and Spanish fluently. 

Initially trained in renewable energy and the dimensioning of photovoltaic and thermodynamic projects, the challenges associated with export management captivated him earlier on in his career. 

Daniel is an entreprenerial professional with an inquisitive nature. He has held positions of commercial and sales responsibility in industrial and technological companies, managed sales teams, and travelled to over 20 countries in a professional capacity.
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